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Let's get together!

You’ll never be bored at Yarra Rossa!

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Our village has only been open a short time but already the residents are getting together to organise activities and events –and that’s on top of the activities scheduled on the village calendar. Here’s a taster of what you can expect. Do you want to…

  • Get your hands dirty? Our community garden will be thriving come spring.
  • Tinker around with tools? The resident’s workshop is the place for you.
  • Stretch your legs? Whether you walk at a slow, medium or fast pace, there’s a level of walking group for you. Not only will you get your exercise quota, you’ll have some great company doing it.
  • Stick your nose in a book? Reading might be a solitary activity, but it’s always fun to share your thoughts about good reads with others – which is why our book club exists.
  • Channel some Japanese tranquillity? Resident Warwick is a Bonsai expert, and he’s volunteered to teach residents how to master this skill.
  • Bond with other singles? Come along and mix with other like-minded souls in a relaxed environment.
  • Join a day tripping tour? A travel agent who specialises in seniors travel has been on site to discuss potential bus trips to shows and events in Sydney. We suspect the journey will be as much fun as the destination!