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Three misconceptions about small apartments

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Three misconceptions about small apartments

When you’re living in a relatively large home, the idea of downsizing to an apartment can seem like a huge leap especially if you’re considering a one-bedroom, or one bedroom plus study, apartment. Although it might feel like you could be giving up more than you’re gaining, residents have told me the opposite is true without the time commitment of maintaining a home and garden, they have more time to enjoy new friendships in the village and pursue activities they’re interested in.

Here are some other misconceptions about smaller apartments that might be holding you back from making this liberating shift.

Myth 1
Living in a one-bedroom apartment will be like living in a studio.

Fact: Just because you’re downsizing on bedrooms does not mean that you’re downsizing on overall living space. In fact, the living area of Yarra Rossa’s one-bedroom apartments are either the same size as – or bigger than – living areas in our two and three bedroom apartments. This makes them perfect for someone who still wants to entertain, but doesn’t need the additional bedrooms.

If you’re still not convinced, think about how many rooms in your home you actually use. More often than not, it’s simply your bedroom, bathroom and the living areas. Why spend time maintaining a larger apartment when you could be spending time doing the things you love? And remember, by moving to Yarra Rossa you’re also gaining access to fantastic community facilities, including the swimming pool, café, community room, barbecue areas and community garden so you’ll never be short on space.

Myth 2
A retirement village will eat up too much of my financial reserves.

Fact: A trend that we’ve noticed in recent years is a lot of retirees are wanting to free up money to maximise their lifestyle.

For people who are mindful of their finances will be happy to know a one-bedroom apartment is not out of reach. One-bedroom apartments at Yarra Rossa start from as little as $445,000 using our flexible financial options. By taking advantage of these financial options means you can free up more money to continue doing the things you love, whether that be travelling overseas or spoiling the grandkids.

Myth 3
Moving into a village will feel isolating if you’re single.

Fact: The immediate friendship circle that comes from village life really appeals to single people. Typically one-bedroom and one-bedroom-plus-study apartments are conveniently located close to key facilities. This makes it easy to enmesh yourself into the social heart of the village – which is, after all, one of the major drawcards to a retirement village lifestyle.

Yarra Rossa is unique in that it has a high percentage of single people. Traditionally, a brand new village would be around 85% couples and the remainder singles, but at Yarra Rossa our resident population will be nearly 45% singles. That’s going to make for a really integrated community atmosphere.